Avinya Hydroponic Grow Bags in Arica, Chile

Arica farmers now can benefit from a world-class growing medium in Avinya hydroponic grow bags.

Arica, located in the extreme north of our long and narrow land called Chile, eleven miles to the south of the Peruvian border is a multi-ethnical coastal city and harbor, also known as “the city of the never-ending spring”, due to its cool desert weather, that roughly varies from a difference of 5°C between winter and summer, and has an annual average temperature of over 20°C with almost no rain (<1 mm in average per year), having the record of being the most dry-populated place in the earth. Regardless this last, the region shows high levels of air humidity and solar radiation intensities, making it a good spot for tourists, surfers and beach lovers.

In agricultural terms, most of the activity takes place in the valleys of Azapa and Lluta. Both areas have an approximately total of 900 cultivated hectares of fresh-market round tomato, being 600 hectares under net cover, and 450 of them under rootstock cultivation technique.

Regarding the soil resource, local farmers are constantly facing salinity and doughtiness problems, excess of usage and poor sustainable management. For example, one of the critical cropping issues is the high level of fruit and plant losses associated to viral symptoms, forcing them to constantly struggle against insect vectors such as trips (Frankiniella occidentalis) and flies (Bemisia tabaci), making success strictly focused to keeping their greenhouses free of plagues in the most efficient way. Other common soil and plant problems are the high presence of nematodes (usually controlled with highly-toxic agrochemicals), fungal and bacterial problems, and the lack of management and high presence of vegetal waste disposal from previous crops.

Through the recent years, many seed breeding companies have also established operations in this area with their programs, being the national seed business a continuously growing one, mainly associated to quality counter-season production focused for U.S.A, the European community and China markets.

This last advantage, also applies for the internal-consumption tomato market, which is guided by the possibility of producing fruit intensively, reaching a market that cannot produce by itself in near locations, because of the high energy costs to successfully conduct any vegetable crop cycle in central harsh winter conditions, making Arica tomato, pepper and cucumber volumes to be almost 100% sold in Santiago, the capital and most populated city of the country (holds approx. 35% of the total population).

There is also a cultural whole-year consumption for tomato in Chile, characterized by the form of typical dishes as the “pebre” dipping sauce and the “Chilean salad” made out of chopped tomato, onion and a dash of coriander or parsley. Always match with a nice local Carmenere wine.

Arica, also has an approximately of 150 hectares of pepper production (long-lamuyo or long-blocky type), sold either in green or red color, and quickly converting to hydroponic grow bags or soil-less technique. Cucumber production has also risen in the last years, probably as one of the best commercial and technical rotation strategies for Solanaceum species as the previous mentioned.

Innovation and technological inputs for better agricultural practices

It becomes evident that there’s an aggressive change to be conducted in soil sustainability terms in Arica for achieving the required national winter yields, but strangely there are currently no more than 20 hectares grow vegetable crops with hydroponic grow bags, there is a huge growth potential for hydroponic grow bags and propagation coco peat blocks, of more than 100 hectares in less than a couple of years.

To cater to this growing market of Arica and Chile, MA Biolif with the partnership of Anasac S.A.C. e. I. launched their premium quality Avinya hydroponic grow bags products range in early 2017. Finally, there’s a promising future for not only farmers in this particular area of Arica, but in all of Chile to benefit from the Premium quality Avinya hydroponic grow bags and the excellent technical services offered by Anasac which is one of the biggest names in Agriculture industry in Chile.

Happy farmers with Avinya Hydroponic Grow Bags in Arica, Chile

Farmers in Arica are extremely happy to witness a premium quality product comes to their market. As Avinya hydroponic grow bags are manufactured using MA Biolif’s 100% natural & organic coco peat and coco chips, Arica farmers now can benefit from a world-class growing medium.

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