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Excellent root development & High Yield

Avinya Ultra Root Maximum is an innovative substrate technology from MA Biolif. This technology enables hydroponic growers to produce more while using less water, nutrients and space. It creates optimal growing conditions for a whole season and allows roots to make better use of the entire substrate. Avinya Ultra Root available in different sizes to help growers produce sustainable, healthy fresh produce for a growing population.

Avinya Ultra Root Maximum consists of special grade coco chips and Kohubath, the MA Biolif’s loose coir brand. Its introduction already signaled a giant leap forwards in crop management, plant steering and root development. Avinya Ultra Root can be the best alternative to both, the standard coir slabs and for Rockwool.

Avinya Ultra Root Maximum provides just the right water and air ratio which makes it easy to quickly steer vegetable plants by changing the nutrition to a vegetative state as well as a generative state. Compared to regular coco, the Avinya Ultra Root Maximum grow bag contains the optimal percentage of air. At the same time, due to the highly stable qualities of MA Biolif’s raw materials, the plant excellently distributes sufficient amounts of water.

Avinya Ultra Root Maximum has a special double layer composition:

Top layer 100% Kohubath: The Kohubath, MA Biolif’s premium quality cocopeat brand ensures fast taking off the crop, rapid horizontal rooting and allows a higher water retention capacity, which is important for the transplanting season in warm periods, ensuring a better plant establishment.

Chips bottom layer: Ensures good drainage throughout the cycle.

Avinya Ultra Root: The best alternative to Rock wool

Compared to rock wool, the irrigation is much more manageable; rewetting is very easy after getting some dry, over and over again
Minimum 20% less water consumption than rock wool thus without accumulation of salt, good shelf life and good taste
Although water supply in some part of the world is not usually an issue, less drainage means less water to be cleaned and decontaminated, resulting in smaller installations. It also means fewer waste nutrients seeping into the environment
Root Development
The plants take faster on Avinya Ultra Root Maximum and carry fruit earlier
Excellent horizontal rooting
Easy and uniform drainage
100% Natural & Biodegradable
Unlike rock wool, Avinya Ultra Root Maximum is 100% natural and biodegradable
The slabs provide both financial and environmental benefits, as they can be disposed as low-cost com-postable waste or used as fuel in bio-energy plants