KohuBath, The MA Biolif brand for loose coir, is known as a much better rooting medium when compared with many other rooting media. KohuBath loose coco substrate is provided to our customers as screened, EC and pH adjusted. As the word “loose coco” implies, KohuBath is not a compressed substrate. Its structure remains rigid rough and therefore provide excellent air retention properties.



Produced by using fine, medium and coarse materials


in Sri Lanka in our own manufacturing unit. Depending on the needs of our customers KoduBath mixtures holds 20% to 50% air ratio


Provides excellent drainage and aeration


100% natural and renewable resource


Made with premium quality, organic coir materials


Product Application

Use as a rooting medium in; Seed Raising & Planting Mixes, Hydroponic Cultivators, Elevated Gardens, Green Walls, Rooftop Gardens

10kg Bag

20kg Bag

25kg Bag

50kg Bag

70kg Bag

2.5 m3 bale

Loose Coir Type


KohuBath Basic 1/6″ and KohuBath Basic 1/4″ materials are MA Biolif’s unique coir products for Nurseries which specialize in seedings.

The absence of large particles in the KohuBath Basic 1/6″  and the KohuBath Basic1/4″ Coir materials guarantee that there will be full contact between the seed, seedling or the cutting and the growing media. In seedling nurseries, the ability of the substrate to maintain water is crucial for the success of the product. KohuBath Basic 1/6″ and KohuBath Basic 1/4″ materials provides this need while keeping the minimum necessary air content.


The KoduBath Max material is a combination of coco chips and KoduBath Pro material. The presence of chips provides a more drainable medium and therefore is more suitable for regions such as U.S.A. and Turkey with both, hot and cold growing periods.


The KoduBath Pro coir material is one of MA Biolif’s leading products and it is recommended for use in hot climate regions such as Mexico, South Africa and Australia.

The KoduBath Pro sieving is exceptional in its ratio between air and water. Although the material has adequate water capacity it also maintains a balanced air capacity as well.


The Crush Coir is a coarser Coir made of long fibers and chips. The absence of dust and the KohuBath Pro material allows a much faster drainage.

The Crush Coir is suitable for regions with cold climate and low radiation such as Poland and Canada. In those regions, a high number of short irrigation cycles is required in order to supply the plant’s needs.


This Combination of KoduBath Pro material and Crush provides a more drainable growing media. It is suitable for climates having a cold winter and hot summer. It is perfect for growers who are interested in applying large number of irrigation cycles in all seasons.

The unique combination of KoduBath Pro and KoduBath Crush results in a media that combines the ability of Crush to drain water with the ability of Pro coir to hold water. The media is well aerated but holds water much better than using the crush growing media alone.

Seed Raising & Planting Mixes

Hydroponic Cultivators

Elevated Gardens

Green Walls

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