Magrocube Rooting media has replaced the traditional seedling cubes made from rock wool and peat moss at the growing stage of the plant. It offers the ideal solution for hydroponic & horticultural seedling and seed breeding. It provides an ideal fit with the growing media solutions such as Avinya grow bag & Magropot propagation & growing unit.

Magrocube is wrapped in a porous, biodegradable cellulose cover. This wrap, protects the deterioration of the first medium in the transmission from the Magrocube to an Avinya grow bag or to a Magropot propagation & growing unit, thereby ensuring no damage to the stem heads. The porous structure of the cellulose cover helps the roots to penetrate the new media without any damage to the stem end. The biodegradable structure of the cellulose cover allows easy & smooth fusion of old & new media thereby allowing it to maintain the integrity of the root structure. Due to all these reasons plants can continue to grow as if it never happened to move from one media to another.

Use Magrocube to seed directly for fantastic results. Magrocube work by allowing the plant a little more depth as the roots will grow from it, down into the grow bag for maximum growth potential. Better than rock wool and peat moss the Magrocube has very high air porosity to foster extreme root growth into Avinya grow bag.

It is a perfect environment for seed propagation.
Provide quick & helthy root development
Has very high air porosity to foster extreme root growth
Ability to control water and fertilizing independently during raising seeds also reduces the rejects
Allow the easy transmission of more mature plants
Will not affected by a cold winter and a hot summer like weather. Gives excellent results in Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain & Turkey
Sterile, does not carry foreign grain and diseases
Due to its excellent drainage properties, it does not become intertwined and infect.
No jam in the roots
100% natural and renewable resource

Ideal solution for hydroponic & horticultural seedling & seed breeding.


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