When fed with the full water filling capacity it contains air up to 30% of the volume. Made of thin Cocopeat material. Buffered.

Formula Analys

Water Holding Capacity 0 %

Air Fill Porosity 0 %

Material Solid 0 %

Porosity 0 %

It saves time and labor in the greenhouse
Ready to grow, are presented in expanded individual bags
Easy to use & rearranged
It provides more alternatives and greater control possibilities in irrigation and paving
It is very economical compared to other growing mediums
Sterile, does not carry foreign grain and diseases
Very clean & very neat; There is no any rejects
Ideal Air & water retention ratio
Provide quick & healthy root development
Has a neutral pH and inherent buffering capacity
100% natural and renewable resource

Ideal solution for hydroponic & horticultural seedling, seed breeding and growing.